UMBC Math Project

The UMBC Math Project is a collaborative learning network of Baltimore schools comprised of educators and researchers focused on improving math teaching and learning.

Here’s the challenge:  All students deserve to learn and achieve — not just be exposed to — rigorous math instruction.  For many students in Baltimore, there’s a gap between what students currently know and rigorous, grade-level standards in math.

UMBC’s partnership with Lakeland Elementary/Middle School since 2012 has supported comprehensive school improvement.  Today, the typical elementary school student at Lakeland not only surpasses performance levels in Baltimore, but outperforms peers across Maryland.  Over the past three years, Lakeland math scores have improved.

Our UMBC Math Project PD is built out of the professional development and support for teachers at Lakeland, resulting in the school being the fastest growing elementary or middle school in Baltimore in reading and math. The model is based on a continuous improvement model and focuses on

In collaboration with Baltimore City Public schools, partner schools include:

  • Arundel Elementary School
  • Cherry Hill Elementary/Middle School
  • Federal Hill Preparatory Elementary School
  • Lakeland Elementary/Middle School
  • Liberty Elementary School
  • James McHenry Elementary/Middle School
  • Maree G. Farring Elementary/Middle School
  • Mary Elementary Rodman Elementary School
  • Moravia Park Elementary School
  • The Park Heights Academy Elementary School
  • Westport Academy Elementary/Middle School